Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fresh Moist Quick Biscuits

     There's nothing like home-baked fresh biscuits, especially if you're having fried chicken or sausage biscuits and gravy!   This recipe not only whips together quickly and easily, but my favorite part is that they stay fresh and moist for days.  I don't have the patience for yeast breads very often, and I'm not a huge fan of the refrigerated canned biscuits.  So this recipe has replaced all of those options for me.

Kids can easily make these or just help with the cutting of the circles.  

Quick Biscuits

4 cups dry biscuit mix
1 cup of sour cream
3/4 cups lemon-lime soda 
1/2 cup butter

1.  Place the biscuit mix in a large bowl.
2.  Use a knife and fork to cut in the sour cream.
3.  Add soda to make a very soft dough, don't over mix
4.  Sprinkle flour or more biscuit mix onto a flat surface and pat the dough to about 1/2 inch thickness.
5.  Cut out biscuits using a cookie/biscuit cutter or a drinking glass.
6.  Melt the butter in a 9" x 13" glass pan.
7.  Put the biscuits in the pan and bake at 400 degrees until golden brown.

Makes between 15 - 18 biscuits depending on how thick you like them.
Store covered on the counter top for several days, even longer in the fridge (if people don't devour them.)
Microwave slightly to reheat them to perfection.

You can easily double this recipe and bake them on a large cookie sheets with short sides on it.


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